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What We Do “Future in Our Hands”

Framtiden is Norway’s largest environmental organisation, and works for a fair distribution of the world’s resources. Framtiden works to assist government and businesses in facilitating green and ethical choices. Future in our hands is a non-governmental organisation independent from political parties or religious groups. This organisation is comprised of a democratic structure, with a bi-annual general assembly and a competent board.

Location Oslo, Norway
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Audiences/Sector Community/Businesses
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Our Mission Framtiden’s founding philosophy was that every individual has the capacity to contribute to changing today’s ruinous trends, if we start by accepting our share of responsibility for the future, and then join others in working for change, based on the following values:

– A commitment to an active consideration for our fellow human beings, instead of competition.

-Equal rights for all.

-Co-responsibility for the environment.

Areas of Work Focuses on consumption, fair distribution, and business ethics. Information and awareness is achieved through advocacy and debates in schools, political assemblies, social media, tv, radio, and newspapers.
Opportunities to collaborate
Case studies/Highlights Two main project entities; 1) The Ideas bank-foundation (N) which has collected and distributed good examples of sustainability projects since 1987, mainly towards the local government level, but also towards local communities and individuals, 2) Program for Research and Documentation for a Sustainable Society (ProSUS), funded by the Research Council of Norway, and located at the University of Oslo.